Will 'Soldier' Help Damien Win 'The Voice'?

What is there left to say about Damien? He brings a smile to my face every time he performs, and has been a favorite since the beginning. He had a minor setback last week after being cut from the Top 5, but America thankfully came to their senses and awarded him the Wildcard — crisis averted. Up until tonight, Damien has been my pick for the winner. His new single "Soldier" was flawless and exactly the song we all expect from him, but it might not be enough to beat Matt McAndrew and three rock-solid finale performances. Damien's performances have been flawless all night, but they lack the versatility needed to win the title.

So when did Damien fall to second place? Well, it was a long time coming. Damien is everything a soulful R&B singer should be — his performances are packed with emotion, he sings from his heart every time, and he can rock a power ballad like no other. On top of all this, he has an amazing story of strength and perseverance. Though this is something America will always love and support, it's not exactly what they want right now. The Voice audience and voters are certainly craving someone an edgier rockstar in their winner, and that's where Damien falls short.

Whether or not he will win aside, "Soldier" is an amazing song that I can't imagine anyone but Damien performing. It embodies everything we love about him — his strength, his confidence, his values, and his personality. And seeing him perform it on an empty stage with a white tux on made it even better. I can't wait for Damien's album to come out, because it will definitely be packed with tons of powerful songs just like "Soldier."

Listen to "Soldier" now:

Image: Trae Patton/NBC