We Know Who Killed Aaron on 'State of Affairs'

What do the CIA and this humble blogger have in common? Our Monday nights look exactly the same. Namely, we're both picking apart State of Affairs and broadcasting our knowledge/ opinions on the internet. What I mean to say is that I'm basically a CIA member at large. Don't tell anyone. It's classified intelligence. Forgive the digression. It's time to answer the important questions of State of Affairs Episode 5 "Ar Rissalah." Who killed Aaron on State of Affairs ? They say we always hurt the ones we love, and apparently Charlie and Aaron are no exception.

Before we get into that juicy stuff, let's do a quick recap of the general ish this week. In international news, Fada and Sheikh Hakan have joined forces to form a terrorist axis of super villains, and everyone is BUGGIN OUT about it. Simon Baker/ Taylor Kinney face-meld Nick Vera is the prime suspect for Aaron's murder, because the bullets that were registered to his gun were found in Aaron's body. We can guess that he was probably framed, but President is taking these allegations seriously, because she's a boss at her job. What a moral quandary for Charlie this is, because she's knows intuitively that he didn't do it and also wants to bang him. President Clayton is finally getting hip to this sexual tension.

And then comes the big shocker: CHARLIE TOTALLY KILLED AARON! I KNEW IT! When we find out that Charlie was actually carrying Nick's gun when Aaron was killed, it doesn't look good. I mean, she literally had a smoking gun in her possession. In the final flashback of the show, we see a POV shot of Aaron and Charlie drawing guns on each other. Charlie shoots first, aims to kill, and succeeds. So what do we do with that information? Did she want to kill him? I have a feeling that Fada made her do this, but I'm not quite sure how.

Next week, Pegasus will take flight, President Clayton will finally stop trusting Tucker, and we'll get some more revelatory flash-backs to help us sort out this horrible mess.

Image: NBC