Was 'The Flash' There for Barry's Mom's Death?

If you thought the last few seasons of Lost were confusing, chances are The Flash's midseason finale threw you for quite a loop when "The Man In The Yellow Suit" possibly revealed that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash… or at least that's what the show wants us to think. Personally, I'm not ready to immediately jump to any conclusions just yet. (My money's still on Eddie.) However, that alone wasn't the only big reveal of the night. As Cisco pointed out, there were two speedsters present the night Barry's mom was killed, explaining how both a yellow and a red streak were seen circling around her. So naturally, this begs the question: who is the red lightning steak in Barry's flashbacks? And I'm beginning to think it could be Barry Allen himself.

I mean, think about it. Time travel is bound to serve a key role in the upcoming episodes given that a.) it's been hinted at all season long through Harrison's futuristic newspapers and b.) it's a big part of the actual DC Comics. However, since there are many different versions speeding around out there, it's hard to say how exactly The CW series will choose to play it out. But no matter what, time travel will certainly be involved in one way or another, making it completely possible for the adult version of Barry to eventually journey back to the day his mom was murdered. Though, it could be under several different circumstances. Such as…

Barry Attempts To Save His Mom

Obviously, Barry (like many of us) would jump at the chance to change the fate of a deceased parent. He may now be "meta," but he's first and foremost human and misses his mother. So just imagine if somewhere down the line, an opportunity presents itself where he thinks he can finally right that very horrible wrong. But as any good time-traveling junkie knows, there's no such thing as a simple fix in the space-time continuum. Something is bound to go wrong. History has a way of correcting itself and if his mother was destined to die, poor Barry may realize that not even he can help someone outrun death.

Barry Stops Himself from Saving His Mom

Here's where everyone's head should start to hurt. What if Barry does succeed in rescuing his mom, but the repercussions of changing such a pivotal point in history cause a catastrophic chain reaction that almost leads to the end of the world. We know that as of April 25, 2024 The Flash is missing in the midst of a crisis. Perhaps he's nowhere to be found because he's traveled back in time to stop his younger self from ever saving his mom in the first place. (Is your head spinning yet? Mine too!) Maybe he gets killed and is never able to return to 2024. Maybe not. But by selflessly sacrificing his own mother's life, he could end up saving the entire planet. Eat your heart out, Batman.

Barry Is His Mother's Killer

This… would be insane and I'm almost positive it isn't true. But OH GOD, can you imagine if it was? I mean, this show certainly knows how to pull out its fair share of twists and turns, but this would be a little too crazy even for me. You know what, let's just forget I even mentioned this, kthxbye.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; theflashgifs (2), malcolmxrlyn, wemaketv/Tumblr