Charlie Hunnam Makes His Own Ice Cream. Swoon.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? No, Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy doesn't count — well, maybe just a little. Whatever type you like, I bet Charlie Hunnam can make ice cream better than what you buy at any restaurant, parlor, or grocery store. In Cosmopolitan's January 2015 issue, Hunnam opens up about owning his very own ice-cream maker, which has turned him into quite the dessert chef. Not only is ice cream his weakness (whose isn't?), but he loves making it. He told the magazine,

Ice cream [is my weakness]. My girlfriend got me an ice-cream maker — oh yeah, I get loose. I can't make it that often because I'll eat the whole thing, but a couple months ago, I made double-dark chocolate. I put in twice the amount of chocolate, crystallized ginger, gingersnap cookies, a bit of chili flake — whew, forget about it!

Whoa. Talk about an intense recipe. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he'd give Ben & Jerry's a run for their money. Hunnam seems to know his way around the kitchen, and I like it — a lot. Do you think he's available for birthday parties, weddings, or any and all special occasions? Now that SOA is finished, he'll probably have some free time on his hands, right? Or, maybe this is his next calling. Oh, what about if he joins Top Chef: Just Desserts, or better yet, Top Chef: Celebrities is created? Hunnam, you already have my vote!