Demi Lovato Got a Super Cute Puppy For Christmas

There were two Christmas gifts I received as a child that no matter how hard any one tries, they WILL NOT top. The first, undoubtedly, was the year I walked down my stairs to find a Barbie dream house in all of its three story, working elevator, wrap around porch glory. The second was the year I got Max, a fuzzy, cotton haired, Bichon Frise puppy. I gotta tell you, there is nothing like getting an adorable, squishy ball of fur for Christmas, and now Demi Lovato can say she experienced that same kind of holiday joy. On Tuesday, Demi Lovato posted an Instagram of her new puppy saying, "Guys....... SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with an obscene amount of emojis to relay her true, unbridled feelings.

Other than cooing and swooning over the too cute for words dog who has no idea he or she is being cradled by an incredibly famous pop star, I wonder... who was the generous spirit who played Santa for Lovato? It would definitely have to be someone who is close enough to her to know she could, or would, be willing to care for a puppy. It is a big responsibility, after all.

Here are some guesses:

Wilmer Valderrama

She's unexpectedly posted some sweet pictures of them recently, and it's totally possible he was going for the Best Boyfriend Ever award this Christmas.

A Famous Bestie

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I think that Taylor Swift moonlights as Santa most days of the year, anyway.

Her Mom

Seems logical. Especially if she knows Demi will need a dog sitter...

Her Damn Self

Maybe Lovato up and got a puppy for herself because it was cute, she wanted it, and she's rockin' life lately.

Image: Getty Images