How To Watch Michael Bublé's Christmas Crooning

This holiday season, NBC is once again giving us exactly what we want: Michael Bublé Christmas music. So for the fourth time — which now I guess makes it an annual thing — he'll take the stage with Michael Bublé's Christmas in New York to bring us all the holiday music we love, along with some very special guests (like the unstoppable Miss Piggy). So just where can you watch the Michael Bublé's Christmas in New York performances?

To catch all the holiday cheer, you're going to want to tune in Wednesday night on NBC at 8 p.m. SHARP. It's set to be an hour-long show, which will include everyone's favorite Muppet diva, along with possibly real-life diva Ariana Grande, and living legend Barbara Streisand. Also, the Rockettes, because New York, obviously. As the tag for the show clearly states, Bublé is "ringing in the new year, with a little help from his friends."

If for some strange reason you aren't nestled in front of your television come 8 p.m., and you miss the entire show, don't worry. NBC will put it up online the following day, because they want to spread the Christmas cheer, too. So you'll easily be able to watch the special in its entirety.

Or, if for some strange reason you're like, "I want to skip the Streisand parts" because you don't like having your mind blown musically, the video highlights will be posted separately, the same way NBC posts entire Saturday Night Live episodes, and then most individual sketches too.

The entire show will also be available on MichaelBuble.com, if you want to give a different site some traffic come Dec. 18 — and yes, 2013's special is still available on the site, too (the first and second one seem to have been lost to the internet, but that's probably not a bad thing since 2012's featured Carly Rae Jepsen).

If none of those things will work for your viewing pleasure, you can always offer yourself up to the mercy of your cable provider's On Demand, whenever they get around to uploading it to their server, whether three hours or four days after the fact, because they don't seem to care about when we want to watch TV. So instead, I'd suggest sticking with the easy option of NBC for all your Bublé performance needs.

Image: Peter Kramer/NBC