'Annie' Quotes That Will Inspire You

I'm not one for remakes/ updates/ facelifts of movies, but I am pretty dang excited about the new Annie movie starring Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx, and Cameron Diaz. The original movie, which came out in 1982 was great for many reasons. First of all, and probably the most lovable thing about the movie, was Sandy the dog. Everyone wanted their very own Sandy. Another thing to love about the movie was the amazing quotes that come from the musical. For little orphan Annie, nothing seemed to bring her down, which allowed the movie to have some incredible inspiration quotes and life advice for all age groups.

No matter what your station in life is: whether you're an adult working, a young child looking to become your own person, or just someone who needs a pick-me up any day of the week, the original Annie, and most likely the 2014 version of Annie is a great place to look for some incredible advice.

"You are special. Never stop believing in that!"

How can you not love a line that tells you, no matter what you're personally fighting, that you truly are special, and you should never freaking forget it.

"The sun'll come out tomorrow."

A great reminder that no matter how bad the current situation is, tomorrow is a new day.

"Yesterday was plain awful, but that’s not now, that’s then."

On a similar note... once the new day comes, forget about what has happened in the past. Dwelling on yesterday's issues prohibits you from enjoying the sun (which has come out, remember?).

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"You’re never fully dressed without a smile."

One of the best accessories anyone can wear, and it doesn't cost a thing (minus orthodontics if you had to endure that as a child).

"You love money and power and capitalism? You know they’re never going to love you back…"

This quote is extra special in a time like now, where everything is about status. You may love your iPhone 6, but it will never love you back. Materialism, which Daddy Warbucks thought in the original film was the only way to life, proved to be an empty relationship. The real love in life is that love you feel for family, friends, and loved ones.

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