Aretha Franklin Wants Audra McDonald To Play Her

Listen up fools, it's just a fact: Audra McDonald is more talented than all of us. She's more talented than you. She's more talented than me. Have you come to accept it? Good. Now you're ready for the good news: According to Rolling Stone, goddess Aretha Franklin is eyeing fellow goddess Audra McDonald to play her in a biopic.

Franklin mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stone that she's in negotiations for a biopic about her life. That already gets an automatic "HELL YES" from me, as a kid whose first exposure to music manifested with me dancing around the house to "Chain Of Fools." Then Franklin mentioned that her first pick for who should play her in said biopic is none other than McDonald, and I think I blacked out for a second over my excitement at the prospect.

McDonald won her sixth Tony this year for playing Billie Holiday, a person with a very different vocal inflection than McDonald's usual singing voice, so she's already proven she can tweak herself to play whatever needs to be played — including the iconic Franklin. Oh, and that sixth Tony also made McDonald the performer with the most Tony awards. In history.

One living legend playing another living legend? Yes, please.

You can see some of her performance as Holiday below:

And here's a classic Franklin song: