What Could Cause Someone To Kill Maggie On 'AHS'?

Moving into the final episodes of the season, Emma Roberts' sketchy American Horror Story: Freak Show character Maggie Esmerelda is on thin ice. AHS' freaks are dropping like flies and according to promos, it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Maggie is an extremely crucial character on Freak Show because not only is she the only one in the camp who isn't considered a "freak," she also has the major responsibility of being campus heartthrob Jimmy Darling's love interest. In case it wasn't enough to be looked at as an outsider based on her so-called "normal girl" demeanor, Maggie also carries the burden of being the envy of every female freak — and that could lead to Maggie dying on AHS .

I can’t imagine after all we’ve seen from the show's primary relationship that Maggie doesn’t have some form of genuine feelings for the lobster-limbed boy. But I also can't help but distrust her after all the lies she's already told. In the tenth episode Orphans, it would appear that the rest of the freaks finally share my feelings.

Jimmy dismissed his girlfriend shortly prior to being arrested for Dandy Mott's murders, leaving Maggie unprotected in his absence. Regardless of Maggie's secrets potentially coming out, any of these four people could easily kill Maggie before season's end.

Desiree Dupree

According to the synopsis for Dec. 17's episode "Orphans," Desiree is suspicious of Maggie for an unknown reason, so it looks like the truth about Maggie might come out sooner rather than later. When Freak Show returns, Desiree will have just interfered in Dell's suicide and isn't likely to be in a great state of mind. Between Dell's infidelity, Ethel and Ma Petite's deaths and Jimmy's arrest, we can probably expect Desiree to be unstable. Desiree is seen threatening Maggie in the promos, which means she knows something and will definitely not let it go without consequences.


Maggie has been betraying Stanley left and right and I can't imagine that his threats are empty. If anyone kills Maggie, it could easily be the crafty con-artist with a knack for covering up murders. I wouldn't be even a little surprised if Stanley tried to pin Ma Petite's murder on Maggie if she continues to resist his orders. After all, Stanley would benefit from keeping the suspicion away from Dell if he plans to continue blackmailing him.

Bette or Dot Tattler

When Bette offered to give her life for Dot's, Dot comes to the conclusion that she was the problem all along and finally shows an emotion other than anger by confessing her love to Jimmy. Bette resolved to try and give them privacy as Dot put her heart out on her sleeve and Jimmy immediately turned her down for Maggie. If the two of them take the rejection to heart, Bette and Dot could be the ones to murder Maggie out of jealousy.

Dandy Mott

Dandy distinctly told Maggie that he couldn't understand why she was wasting her talents at the freak show and his demeanor around her practically screamed, "Hey, I'm gonna kidnap you soon." He took it to heart when Maggie "predicted" that he would never get caught and I can see him putting her powers to good use around his home. Meanwhile, he also has a major vendetta against Jimmy and killing his true love seems a likely form of revenge.

Jimmy Darling

Considering Jimmy is in prison for the time being, this is probably the most unlikely scenario. But if ever the truth comes out about Maggie's betrayal, there's no telling what the lobster-handed boy will do. (Especially if his drinking habit gets worse.) Love makes us do crazy things, and so does the sting of betrayal.

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