Nick Jonas Pays Homage to Tom Hanks

You ready for your evening dose of heart ’n’ soul? Tuesday, a certain Calvin Klein boxer brief-wearing pop artist tickled the ivories of the famous floor keyboard that calls the New York City FAO Schwarz its home. (Unimportant side note: Until just now, I was certain the name of the store was spelled "Schwartz." I've had it wrong my entire life. Consider my world turned upside down.) Er, I reckon I should say he stomped and jumped and stood and stepped and hopped on the ivories. That's a more accurate description. While visiting the iconic NYC toy store, singer Nick Jonas played his hit song "Jealous" on the legendary giant floor piano, aka the piano that achieved celebrity status thanks to Big , the 1988 Tom Hanks comedy.

...OK, OK, it isn't the same exact keyboard that appears in the movie. FAO Schwarz upgrades the piano on the regular, and the original currently lives in a museum. But could you imagine if the original was still going strong in the store 25+ years later? It'd be more resilient than most cars! Hot diggity dog!

The JoBro shared the video of the performance on Facebook and wrote, "had to pay homage to the man Tom Hanks." You can check it out riiiiiight here: