Christy's Been Busy Since 'Little Women' Season 1

Lifetime's New Year's resolution should be to step away from the current events and recommit to their better reality shows, and they're already off to a good start. Little Women: LA Season 2 premieres Jan. 1, reuniting us with the cast as they continue to struggle with balancing their friendships, relationships, and careers. And what has breakout star Christy McGinity been up to? For one, now she's Christy McGinity-Gibel since she got married this spring, which we saw on the last season finale. One minor complaint about Season 1 could be that wedding drama overtook the whole back half of the season and basically destroyed the best friendship between Christy and fellow Little Woman star Traci. Everything fell apart when they attempted to host a dual bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas that turned into an impromptu shotgun wedding — at least, until Christy got cold feet and decided to stick with a traditional wedding.

But even though Christy has some serious drama queen tendencies, she's still a good friend and a good-hearted lady who's committed to helping others, especially since she's realized the importance of her own sobriety. Every reality show needs a diva, and even though we'll have to wait and see if Christy and Traci have made up, we did get to see Christy and Briana's friendship get even closer. Christy is an important cast member for the show, and even the drama she caused all made the show more entertaining — and she'll definitely do the same for Season 2!

She's Still a Happy Newlywed

Christy and her husband, Todd, have made a very happy blended family after getting married in the Season 1 finale. After raising her daughter, Autumn, by herself, Christy is thrilled to add Todd to the family. And now, they do everything together, #TeamChristyandTodd style. They even did a joint interview on "The S#!t Show," where they spilled all about Season 1 and their wedding. The couple that gossips together, stays together — at least in my book.

She's Devoted To Charity Work

But Christy and Todd also find time to give back. They've been attending quite a few charity events, including the Wonderland's Children's Benefit and the Los Angeles Children's Hospital's Celebrity Blood Drive. I love a reality star who knows how to give back.

Could She Be Pregnant?

She has been hiding her stomach in a lot of photos online. It's probably unlikely that Christy will be the one to drop the big pregnancy bomb teased in the Season 2 promos, considering that both Elena and Traci were actively trying to start a family at the end of last season. But why else would she make her Instagram private all of a sudden? Might she be hiding pictures of a baby bump or a newly assembled crib? Well, whether she is or isn't pregnant, it's by far the least interesting thing she's been up to all summer.

Image: Zach Gilfard/Lifetime