Tom Hiddleston Sings You a Christmas Carol

All any Hiddlestoner really wants for Christmas is the man himself, but since that's pretty impossible, he's come up with a different gift that's just as sweet. I'm talking about Tom Hiddleston singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" while holding a dog. It really doesn't get much better than that, let me tell you. The video was filmed while Hiddles was working on the soundtrack for his Hank Williams film I Saw the Light.

His musical coach Rodney Crowell was even on hand to provide the guitar backing for Hiddleston's lyrics. And thank goodness he was there because he brought his dog Mono, and at one point Hiddles dances with the pup. It is beyond adorable.

But it's not surprising that Hiddleston knew exactly what to give his fans for the holidays. He's always been really good about giving Hiddlestoners little presents, and he always remembers to wish them all a happy holidays. Since he came onto the scene in 2011 when he made it big in War Horse and Thor, he's been surprising his fans with thoughtful treats each holiday season, and I hope he never stops.

Let's take a look back at the last four years of Christmas goodies that Hiddleston sent our way.

2011 — The Year of Tears

Although Tom didn't have a Twitter account back in 2011, that didn't stop him from giving an emotional interview recounting of one of his favorite Christmas films. It's The Snowman, starring David Bowie, from 1982. Hiddleston calls it "the sweetest and saddest story" and then recounts the plot, getting a little misty eyed when he tells the ending. If you like your heart broken for the holidays, then this video will grant your wish. But it is an amazing short film and as Hiddles says, "part of his DNA" so relive it this holiday season on YouTube where you can watch the whole thing.

2012 — The Year of Loki

Things got a little more cheerful this year as Hiddleston gave his fans the gift of bloopers. Specifically he got MTV to release the outtakes from his digital comedy short "Loki'd" with Josh Horowitz. Stick around for the ending where Hiddleston pops up and gives his best maniacal laugh.

2013 — The Year of Best Wishes

Things were a little on the busy side for Hiddleston this year as he was performing in Coriolanus, and so he didn't have much time to put together a present. But he did make sure to wish everyone a happy holidays on Twitter. He also took part in a video produced by Sky UK which collected a bunch of celebrities and had them wish their fans a happy Christmas so here's his moment from that!

2014 — The Year of Dogs and Songs

And now we reach this year with Hiddleston's flawless caroling. May he never stop being such a sweetheart.

Image: tomhiddleston-gifs/Tumblr