We're Loving Amputee Pop Star Viktoria Modesta

"Some of us were born to be different; some of us were born to take risks." These wise words are coming to us from a trailblazing singer-songwriter named Viktoria Modesta, who truly embodies these words each and every day. The "difference": Her left leg is amputated below the knee. The "risk": When she was only 20 years old, she chose to have this procedure done due to mobility challenges she sustained from birth. But don't call her "disabled" or expect her to hide her leg shamefully away—Viktoria finds her prosthetic leg empowering, and uses her influence as a pop star to promote individualism. She has been featured in publications like Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, and The Times UK, in addition to having performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Paralympic Games. Modesta was most recently was featured in an ad during the finale of The X Factor on ITV.

Viktoria's new video, "Prototype", was released in partnership with British television broadcaster Channel 4 as part of their new "Born Risky" campaign. The video shows the singer strutting her stuff in various kick-ass prosthetics (some light up!) from the Alternative Limb Project, and then pulling off the coolest puppet-esque dance since JT and the boys.

Although Viktoria isn't the only inspiring woman fighting for a cause, she's starting to make us all "forget what [we] know about disability," and she's doing it with style, attitude, and confidence. She's, perhaps, according to her, the "model of the future," and I, for one, can't wait to see what she does next.

Images: Channel 4/YouTube, Viktoria Modesta/Instagram, Viktoria Modesta/Twitter