Even Nicki Minaj Hates Her High School Photo

Do you have photos you're embarrassed by? Of course you do, especially if you've taken a high school yearbook photo. The lighting, the drab background, and the overexcited photographer do no favors, especially if you're having a bad hair day or an unsightly pimple (ugh, hormones!). But regardless of the photo you're embarrassed by, rest assured you're in good company. As Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon showed on The Tonight Show Tuesday night, celebrities are not immune to high school photo regrets.

On the episode, where Minaj made an appearance to discuss her new album, The Pinkprint, Fallon mentioned that Beyoncé shared Minaj's high school yearbook photo from LaGuardia High School for her birthday on Dec. 8. He held the photo up to the audience so they could catch a glimpse, too, much to Minaj's embarrassment.

Though she is certainly not shy about showing off her look nowadays, the rapper admitted that she was not a fan of her throwback style. "I do hate this picture," she said. "Ew." Luckily, Fallon played fair and shared his own high school yearbook photo onscreen, which he was equally embarrassed by, even though it was only shown for a few seconds. "Take it off!" he said. "That's enough!" It's really a relatable moment for us all.

Since it's the norm for celebrities to share photos that they feel they look their best in, it's refreshing to see that Minaj and Fallon are comfortable enough to joke around about photos they are not so pleased with. It's fair to say that yearbook photos are not always kind to us. To be able to look back on them and laugh is a positive thing, since it's an acknowledgment that none of us is perfect and nails it in a photo every time. And who knows? You might look back on it someday and say, "Hey, that wasn't so bad."