'Raising Asia's Asia Monet Recorded a Xmas Song

The holiday season has its ups and downs, but I have to admit: As much of a total Scrooge I can be during the entirety of the year, even my icicle of a heart can't resist this cliché setting: A cup of hot chocolate, a warm fire, a good Christmas song, and a music video for said Christmas song that includes the most adorable dog I've seen this week. It's impossible to hate that! Which is why this works so well: Though I can't say it comes with a mug of chocolate and a warm fire (you'll have to supply those on your own), I can definitely say that Raising Asia star Asia Monet Ray's new single, "Christmas Time," is a lovely song to get us all in the holiday spirit — and yes, the music video features a very adorable dog as well.

The song itself is definitely a contemporary take on the good ol' Christmas classic: There's fa la la la la-ing, with a good beat added in the background, and Asia's voice (can you believe this girl's only 9 years old?) compliments the tone of the track.

I know, technically, Christmas is like, still a week away — but I firmly believe that the entire month of December should be dedicated to listening to Christmas music as much as possible, so do yourself a favor and hit play below. Asia Monet Ray's single is also available on iTunes, and can be found right on over here.

Image: Vevo