New 'Glee' Promo Pics Inspire Some Fun Theories

Like a long-term, not-so-secretly uninterested, and yet unwilling to do anything about it significant other, Glee has taken me through the emotional ringer. But, for some sadistic reason, it will just not let me go, no matter how hard I beg. And, like a love sick fool, I pine away, thinking back to when it was so good between us, hanging on the hope that one day it'll change. It's an unhealthy cycle, yes, but one that I'm sure all fans of Glee who are still hanging on can probably identify with. Right down to the Glee characters themselves, actually. I don't know if you've seen the Glee Season 6 promo pictures yet, Gleeks, but they're more telling than the trailer itself. And, it's not exactly a promising thing.

Having watched Glee for five years now, I’m sure you know that it was always willing and able to make fun of itself, but these pictures... they are something else. So meta in fact, that I can't tell if some of them are supposed to be a joke or a cry for help. If a picture is in fact worth a thousand words, than this is all we need to know about Season 6, really. No matter how much my heart twisted, turned, and burst at the trailer... 'cause it did.

Here are what these pictures seem to forecast for the impending season:


I don't know what this sullen face or meek stance means, other than utter, impending doom or that Lea Michele is actually stuck inside of this picture, but I don't think I like it. Especially on such a firecracker like Rachel Berry used to be.

Show Forecast: Rainy with a chance of possible resuscitation... (as judging by the uplifting Season 6 promo trailer. They reel me in every time, damn it!)

Maybe this is just their way of making her look "serious" and "adult."



Possibly more telling than the unnerving picture of a positively grim Rachel above, Sam is aptly shot as if he's looking over his shoulder. As any good, rightfully paranoid, scorned character would be.

Show Forecast: Cautiously optimistic (like the rest of us).


I can't decide if he looks like he just heard a late season spoiler and was positively delighted to find out they've got something better for him story line-wise other than a one episode STI, or if someone's there behind the camera, holding him against his will, but hey, at least he managed to crack a smile.

Honestly, it's probably the latter.

Show Forecast: It probably can't be worse than Season 4... or 5.


Knowing that sweet, sweet release is coming soon, Mercedes basks in the last chance for a few amazing and underrated solos that are sure to come her way.

Show Forecast: Hopeful, because at the very least, she gets to sing and we get to hear her on semi-regular basis.

Blaine and Kurt

Blaine, coming from the same wave of higher consciousness as Rachel and Sam, looks positively perturbed. Probably because he's in a *spoiler alert* relationship with Karofsky when he was just engaged to Kurt for an entire season.

Or, maybe he's just confused. We sure are.

Kurt, giving off true sass, knows that at least he'll get to deliver stinging, show-deprecating lines with only the bite he could give it.

Show Forecast: It's going to be a shit storm right to the very end.


She's just glad they didn't banish her to Brown University for all eternity. Because, it'd be silly to be the only McKinley High School graduate to actually go to college and like... stay there.

Show Forecast: Maybe she's getting two solos.

Santana and Brittany

Welp, I'd be smugly grinning as well if I were one of the ONLY couples on the show with actual continuity and the promise of some much needed closure. What, with all that rumored wedding talk that Naya Rivera pretty much spoiled for us in a tweet today. It's cool though, Naya. I'd be stoked to work with Gloria Estefan, too.

Show Forecast: Everything's coming up Brittana.

Must be nice, Brittana fans.

Must. Be. Nice.

Image: FOX