Mail Kimp Has Inspired A Song, Guys

So many in-jokes have come out of the cultural phenomenon that is the Serial podcast. The Crab Crib has established itself as potentially the most obliviously-named business in history. Adnan's lawyer Cristina Gutierrez birthed her own slang term for infidelity "stepping out." Even Best Buy got in on the action, by tweeting (and later withdrawing) a joke about their lack of phone booths. But the real breakout star of Serial Podcast "Mail Kimp" has inspired a dance song that you can simultaneously shake your booty and cry to at your finale listening party. Sounds like the perfect Thursday, if you ask me.

Soundcloud user kpffkl brilliantly sampled the Mailchimp ad, and mispronunciation, that introduces Serial and laid it over the hyper-catchy theme written by Nick Thorburn. Add in a bit of a trap-music beat to get you dancing in your chair at work, and you have a rather catchy Serial- inspired remix. Also, wait around til the end, and Cristina Gutierrez even makes a cameo. I knew that Mail Kimp was on Twitter, and was gonna get into designing sweatshirts. Now, he's branching out into mixing tracks. That's one busy meme.

If you were thinking of compiling a Serial-inspired mix tape, you can add this track along to the Seinfeld/ Serial mashup and the "Wrecking Ball"/ Serial mash-up. Oh, culture.

Image: Mailchimp