Does Harry Styles Celebrate Hanukkah?

Harry Styles loves kosher eateries. He has been photographed wearing the Star of David. He knows a few Yiddish words. He has even been named by U.K. newspaper The Jewish Chronicle on a list of powerful Jews. But Harry Styles is not Jewish, as confirmed by the paper itself, which said that he made the list because "he seems very much at ease with the Jewish lifestyle." It seems odd to include someone who is not Jewish on a list of that nature, but to each their own. The reason Styles' religion is coming up again, though, is explained if you've checked out his' Twitter page recently.

Styles recently made a post on Twitter that implies that although he is not Jewish, he could be celebrating Hanukkah, or at least partaking in Hanukkah festivities or get-togethers with Jewish friends. The tweet made a reference to a dreidel as well as a Yiddish phrase, probably causing his nearly 23 million followers to wonder just what he was up to.

Since he does not follow the faith, it's probably safe to say that he is not lighting his own menorah. But it is likely safe to say that he might be spending time with Jewish friends, such as music video director Ben Winston, with whom he has a close relationship. And it is definitely safe to say that he is giving all his practicing Jewish followers a gift they will truly enjoy — his well wishes.

It is admirable and thoughtful of him to reach out to the community, especially through social media, where more fans will be able to listen — and swoon, presumably — over his sweet messages. It's probably best not to expect him to convert, though Sorry, if any ladies were hopeful out there!

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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