James Franco Finally Comments on 'The Interview'

If you're like me, you've been wondering what James Franco thinks of The Interview's cancellation and the subsequent announcement that it would be show in a couple theaters, and — at long last! — he's finally opened up. James Franco tweeted a message of pure ecstasy after hearing The Interview would be shown. He even thanked "President Obacco!"

As you've no doubt heard by this point, Sony cancelled the release of The Interview after the hackers who leaked scripts, emails, and other private information from the company threatened theaters who would show the film with a 9/11-like attack. This caused several major theater chains to nix showing the film which lead soon after to Sony canceling the Dec. 25 release altogether. But! On Tuesday, Dec. 23, it was reported that select theaters would be allowed to show The Interview.

Franco kept quiet throughout the cancellation news, but when the change in plans was announced, he took to Twitter the way I would've expected in the first place. Suddenly his account was a place of capitalized words, jokes about the president's mispronunciation of his name, links to Instagram with celebratory pictures. It was a Franco Twitter field day and we were all able to participate from the comfort of our own homes.

Of course, the victory was a small one. As of Tuesday afternoon, The Interview is only OK'ed for two theaters: Atlanta, Georgia’s Plaza Atlanta theater, and Austin, Texas’ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Still, Franco's movie went from not being released AT ALL to being shown, so I'd say that's reason enough to celebrate with a three-way kiss.