President Obama Says "Go to the Movies"

While the President of the United States of America is taking the Sony hackers threats very seriously, he doesn't want American's to stop doing what they love. President Obama says: "My recommendation would be that people go to the movies," amidst threats of terrorist attacks against movie goers, theatres, executives and Sony corporation. Earlier today, huge movie theatre companies announced they wouldn't be showing The Interview , the now highly controversial film, in theatres. Hours later, Sony announced that they were planning to pull the film entirely. That's right, the previous December 25 release date no longer stands. And that's not all, the company also said they have no further plans to release the film in any capacity.

It's a bummer to say the least. During an interview Wednesday, Obama said the administration would be "vigilant" to alert the public of any credible threats. But for now, President Barack Obama doesn't want the American public to be scared, and urges them, like the late Roger Ebert, to instead, "go to the movies." I find his sentiments encouraging and heart-warming. While Sony may have decided to pull the film entirely, our President has faith in the creative community of filmmakers that fill our theatres with motion pictures.