Your New Feminist Christmas Anthem

There are a lot of Christmas songs out there with all kinds of themes — religious hymns, secular tales of snowmen, whatever creep-tastic designation you want to file "Baby, It's Cold Outside" under — but not many of them are about smashing the patriarchy. Fortunately, that might just be changing with the feminist Christmas song "Sexist Bullshit" from The Doubleclicks, a self-described nerd-pop-folk sister duo from Portland, Oregon. And with lyrics like "They've had their chance to learn / but the patriarchy's bullshit / And I want to watch it burn," it's a welcome addition to the genre.

The unfortunate truth is that even though there are lots of very pretty Christmas songs out there, a lot of them are also horribly sexist. And even though we're slowly adding more modern Christmas anthems like "Text Me Merry Christmas" that are fun additions to the canon, the fact remains that if the whole country is going to collectively blast this stuff non-stop from November 1st all the way through December, they could at least do us the courtesy of throwing in a few songs about campaigning for equality.

So if you, too, have been hoping for the Christmas spirit to get a little jolt of the social justice spirit, sing along with The Doubleclicks as they imagine a Christmas future in which we have rid ourselves of all the sexist bullshit.

"Sexist bullshit ends with us this Christmas," guys!