11 Celebrity Breakups That Caught Your Tear Ducts Off Guard in 2014

Aside from being involved in a breakup of your own, celebrity breakups are the absolute worst. As soon as I find out one of my favorite couples has decided to go their separate ways, I'm super devastated... especially if I've already started compiling ideas for their future wedding on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, dating in the spotlight is tough, and far more relationships tend to fall apart than find their staying power with that kind of pressure on them 24/7. I'm still not over Amy Poehler's split from Will Arnett, and that happened in 2012. And as if that kind of emotional anguish isn't enough, 2014 came with its own set of breakups and separations to mourn.

Click through the slideshow to see some of the saddest celebrity breakups from this year... and if you need to cry all over again, I totally won't blame you.

Jordin Sparks & Jason DeRulo

After “Marry Me” came out I was totally sold on their relationship, and considering how adorable they are together, I was heartbroken when they decided to go their separate ways this fall… and I still get a little heated every time I remember what DeRulo said to Ryan Seacrest just after their breakup.

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Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie

I’ve always thought Luca’s parents made an excellent team, so when they announced their separation back in January, it seemed like it really was the end. But since then, they’ve made a habit of totally confusing us when they do things like show up to Coachella together and act super couple-y. Maybe there’s hope in the future?

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

Paltrow and Martin consciously uncoupled in March, and a little part of my heart died. Is it just me, or did everyone else totally expect them to grow old together, too?

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Katy Perry & John Mayer

Here’s the thing: I’ve never been a huge fan of Mayer, but when he was with Katy Perry, I swear I saw him change into the gentlemen I always knew he had the potential to be. Unfortunately, though, their relationship ultimately came to an end just when it was looking like a proposal might be on the way, and I will be eternally bummed about it.

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Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult

After more than three years of dating, I was sure Lawrence and Hoult were in it for the long haul, but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. They called it quits sometime over the summer, and Lawrence quickly rebounded with a freshly divorced Chris Martin — a weird yet kind of endearing relationship.

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Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

While some celebrity marriages tend to be on rocky foundation, I thought what Cannon and Carey had was pretty stable. I was proven wrong when they decided to get a divorce early this fall. That also ended up meaning that Cannon had to cover up his giant back tattoo devoted to his ex-wife, and I’m gonna say that probably hurt him worse than the actual divorce.

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Mama June & Sugar Bear

Even though the scandal that followed their split was horrifying, that news broken yet when word of Mama June and Sugar Bear going their separate ways first spread. From their TV personas, June and Sugar Bear seemed like the perfect fit.

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Matt & Amy Roloff

Although all separations are sad, it was even more heartbreaking to see it happen to the wonderful family from TLC’s Little People, Big World. Matt and Amy Roloff decided to start a trial separation in March, and I’m still not over it.

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Naya Rivera & Big Sean

Since they were planning a wedding, it was pretty surprising to find that Rivera and Big Sean had decided to call it quits. Even weirder? When Rivera got married soon after to someone else.

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Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas

I was so sure these two were going to get married that I was imagining what kind of bridesmaid dress Kate Middleton would wear, so I was totally caught off guard when Harry and Bonas decided to part. And to be honest, I’m still a little bummed. They were so perfect together

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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

These two broke up about a million times this year, and their relationship has taken me on an emotional roller coaster the entire way. Fingers crossed their current separation is the one that sticks, because my heart just can’t take it.

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