'Shark Tank's Best Products Help the Hiatus Fly By

Wait, don't go! The latest season of Shark Tank only premiered a few months ago, but already the Sharks are taking a break. Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and the rest of the investors didn't get to where they are by slacking off, but I guess now that they're big shots they think they can afford to take a vacation from their judging duties. Or you know, like most TV shows they had to take a hiatus for a few weeks this winter. Still, I can only take so many Fridays without the Sharks. So when will Shark Tank be back from hiatus? Based on the past couple of seasons, we can expect more new episodes to air around the end of January.

If that seems like forever from now, you're probably as addicted to this show as I am. To hold us all over until the midseason premiere, I've compiled a list of the four best Shark Tank Season 6 products (so far). There's still some time left in the holiday season (which, as far as I'm concerned, lasts until February — if you're still getting me presents). So check out this season's pitches, because you might find some inspiration for that elusive gift you've been searching for. And if that gift happens to end up staying at your house? Well, you've probably earned it this year.

4. Roominate

The women behind Roominate met while they were in Stanford's Masters in Engineering program together, according to their website. They were both turned off by how few females were in their program, and in STEM fields in general. So they created Roominate, a toy to teach young girls about engineering, building, and designing — all while they play. Pretty awesome! Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner both put major money down for this one, proving the Roominate creators have major smarts in science and business.

3. Heart Pup

An accessory that is as adorable as it is fashionable, Heart Pup is a wearable sling for carrying your tiny pooch around with you wherever you go. Because, if you have a portable-sized dog, there is no reason to ever be separated from its cute little face.

2. BeatBox Beverages

Confession: I'm terrible at enjoying alcohol. I wish I could say I like beer (or dry wine, or any liquor on the rocks, or shots of tequila). But the truth is, give me drink that tastes like candy and doesn't come in a natural color, and I'm good to go. So BeatBox Beverages, the boxed wine company with flavors like "Blue Razzberry Lemonade," is kind of perfect for me — and for anyone else who doesn't understand the appeal of a drink that tastes like peat.

1. Hoppy Paws

This idea was OK, but what really made Hoppy Paws stand out was creator Trina Barkouras. This energetic entrepreneur managed to build her entire company, manufacture her product, and create marketing for her business in just 90 days. The Sharks were beyond impressed by Barkouras' work ethic and dedication. Even though they weren't crazy about Hoppy Paws (a holiday stamping kit that makes reindeer footprints appear inside your house), they loved her so much that Barbara Corcoran made her an offer to become a business partner for all Barkouras' future business endeavors. Now that's a deal you can take to the bank.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; ReactionGif