Colbert Blooper Video is Hilarious, But Sad

Though he won't be leaving our television screens forever, the loss of the Stephen Colbert (coal-bear) and The Colbert Report is pretty devastating for fans of the character on one of the best fake news shows on television (we get to keep Jon Stewart though). The last episode of The Colbert Report airs on Thursday, Dec. 18, and we won't get more Stephen until he takes over for Letterman in May of next year. Comedy Central wanted to make us all the more sad that The Colbert Report is coming to an end, so they released this 13-minute supercut of some of the best moments of Colbert breaking character. And it's almost TOO endearing.

It's no secret that Colbert's character as a right-wing nut of a pundit was an exercise in satirical genius, so much so that throughout his tenure on The Colbert Report, many conservatives were confused if he was ACTUALLY one of them or if he was joking. (Come on people, his show is on Comedy Central. Use those context clues). But the best moments on the show were when he broke character, to the audiences' delight every single time.

A lot of the jokes that caused Colbert to giggle and laugh and say "f--k it" to the camera were dirty ones, including the word "testicles" and "colonoscopy." Those are hilarious words, let's be real. He always rolls into the breaks in character with a huge goofy grin on his face, and you can feel just how much fun he's having on the set. When he breaks, you're reminded of how hard it must be to play such an absurd, exaggerated faux self. How can you NOT laugh at the hella messed up Jesus fresco in Spain?

The blooper video just magnifies the chasm that TV is going to feel once The Colbert Report ends. We might never see another character so pointedly and cleverly satirical as Stephen Colbert. He cracked us up, and sometimes he cracked himself up, too.