This is Some Stellar News, Incubus Fans

Meet me in outer space, for this is some pretty stellar news: Alt-rock band Incubus signed with Island Records and will release not one, but two EPs in 2015. In a recent interview with Billboard, guitarist Mike Einziger said, “We’re hoping to put out the first one in February or March, then the summer." AHHHHH!!!!! The EPs will be the band's first batches of new music since 2011’s If Not Now, When?

(Can someone please check on 14-Year-Old Kristie? I assume she's been shrieking and sweating and running in circles and crying tears of joy ever since she read the news. If we could make sure she’s staying hydrated and not running into sharp table corners, that’d be super.)

Last Saturday night, Incubus debuted new single "Trust Fall" at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in Los Angeles. Einziger told Billboard the track is "pretty indicative of where we are now."

Feel free to disagree with me, but here's how I'd describe the song: If Morning View and A Crow Left of the Murder mated and gave birth to an album, "Trust Fall" would be on that album. Translation: I like "Trust Fall".

Yes, there is high-quality video of the performance. And yes, Brandon Boyd is as shirtless as ever.

How do I feel right now? Take it away, Brandon:

Where will I be when the first EP drops? Take it away, Brandon:

What are my closing thoughts regarding the new EPs? Take it away, Brandon:

Images: geocris, thedeliberatelife,sueanjah/tumblr