Kate's Speech Proved Why She's Your Role Model

It's no secret that Kate Hudson is incredible. You're probably thinking, "OK, tell me something I don't know." On Thursday, at the People Magazine Awards, Kate Hudson was awarded the "Celebrity Role Model" award, and her speech was one of the most beautiful speeches of the night, and completely inspiring to young women everywhere.

Hudson started by saying that when she learned she was getting the award, she did a little research as to what a "role model" is. The results terrified her, as I'm sure they were very aspirational. Then Hudson says she found one definition that really stuck with her, by a girl named Natalie.

Natalie said that a role model is a person with a clear sense of what is important to her, putting forth the effort to improve, and creating things that will make a difference. Those are the principles that I live my life by. And what is important to me is to recognize that life is a journey with its ups and its downs, and its challenges and trials, and all the while we need to stay resilient and focused on your goals and your truth.

Inspired yet? Hudson continues to speak on what the idea of "perfection" is doing to our society.

So to burden ourselves with perfection is unrealistic, but the joy of living authentically and fearlessly is the life that I would like to live.

If I can have an impact on one thing tonight, it's for all young girls and women to give yourself the permission to honor who you are and more importantly, to learn who you are. To honor your aspirations and to be kind, and to be courageous, to take risks and to never let anyone ever push you around.

Boom. That, my friends, is how you give a role model speech. Hudson's views on perfection, finding your truth as an individual, and standing your ground are words that not only we should live by, but words that we should spread to generations to come.