16 Easy Christmas Cookies That Are Red, Green, And Delicious, Because Duh, It's The Holidays

Red and green are the official colors of Christmas, and cookies are basically the official dessert of the holiday. So nothing makes more sense than to pair these two things together and make (duh) red and green Christmas cookies. Even if you prefer other holiday desserts instead (weirdo), no one can resist a festive cookie during the holiday season. That is a fact.

Whether you’re making a cookie that’s red and green, just red, just green, or simply decorated with red and green sprinkles, you’re getting into the Christmas spirit in the best way possible. Not only will they taste delicious, they'll also impress everyone around you. Here are 16 of the best red and green Christmas cookie recipes I guarantee you will love.

Almond Spritz Cookies

The unique flavor that comes with almond cookies is always a hit, and it’s nice to have something different than what everyone else makes. If you can get a mold to shape these like Christmas trees, you definitely should do it! They’re adorable. If you can’t find that mold, you can find a different holiday-themed choice, or you can just make regular old green cookies with red sprinkles. When they’re this good, who cares what they look like?

Image and Recipe: BakeLoveGive.com

Santa's Cookies

These delicious and easy cookies use instant chocolate pudding for a slightly different cocoa flavor, and they substitute red and green M&M’s for chocolate chips.They come out soft instead of crunchy, and the M&M’s keep them festive. Plus, did I mention how simple they are? Because they’re super simple.

Image and Recipe: 3PastriesADay.com

Peppermint Kiss Sugar Cookies

Although these may not have green in them, the red and white still give off a pleasant festive feeling. Sugar cookies are always a winner no matter what, but add peppermint kisses in there, and you’ve got a seriously amazing cookie. They’re easy enough to make more than one batch, but they still look really pretty.

Image and Recipe: APrettyLifeInTheSuburbs.com

Peppermint Cookie Bon-Bombs

This just might be the most decadent recipe on this list. You’ve got ice cream, cookies, chocolate, and sprinkles. In terms of dessert, does it get much better than that? Not really. And they’re not even as hard as they seem! The recipe uses ready-to-bake cookies, so you’re really not even baking that much. Add peppermint ice cream and some chocolate, and then decorate with red and green sprinkles, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas cookie recipe that will impress everyone.

Image and Recipe: ASpicyPerspective.com

Sour Cream Cut Out Cookie

These soft, cakey cookies have a really yummy flavor thanks to the sour cream added in. The sweet frosting on top makes them even better, and then you have so much room to decorate them however you want. I obviously think the red and green sprinkles are a perfect choice for Christmas. These are also a great recipe to use year round, because you can decorate them differently every time you make them.

Image and Recipe: MyBakingAddiction.com

Santa Hat Cookies

Fruit on cookies never looked so good! These are so cute, everyone will love them before they even eat them, and they’re especially great if you’re making cookies for any kids. The delicious cream cheese frosting and strawberry sit on a classic sugar cookie.

Image and Recipe: DomesticFits.com

Peppermint Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are always a great choice for Christmas. Make them even better with dark chocolate frosting, peppermint flavor, and lots of festive sprinkles. Oh, and these make a great breakfast cookie. Then again, doesn’t every cookie?

Image and Recipe: InsideBruCrewLife.com

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Everyone knows that chocolate mint is one of the best combinations ever. These remind me of Andes mints, which have always been a holiday staple in my house — the recipe even uses Andes mints, which is double amazing.

Image and Recipe: ASpicyPerspective.com

Christmas Sugar Cookies

These cookies are almost too pretty to eat (almost, because no food is actually too pretty to eat). The Christmas trees and snowflakes are great, but the red ornament cookies are my personal favorite — they’re so different and colorful! You can get creative here and make the trees green, or decorate the ornaments with red and green frosting rather than red and white.

Image and Recipe: PastryAffair.com

Gingerbread Holiday Cookies

Gingerbread is another classic Christmas flavor, but if they’re not made correctly, they can be a little dry and boring. There’s an easy fix for that: just make your gingerbread cookies iced, like these! The Christmas tree and gingerbread men shapes are so cute, and I love these sprinkles on top.

Image and Recipe: BakeLoveGive.com

Nutter Butter Snowmen Cookies

Ah! How cute are these?! Even better, they literally require no baking. All you have to do is buy a few packages of Nutter Butters (try not to eat them all before you make these), and dip them into melted white chocolate. Then go snowmen decorating crazy.

Image and Recipe: BrownEyedBaker.com

Peppermint Snowball Cookies

Go for some serious peppermint overload with these deliciously simple cookies that almost look like snowballs. Add red and white crushed candy canes on top, or you can look for those red and green ones that are out there.

Image and Recipe: InsideBruCrewLife.com

Chocolate Orange Cookies

Orange and chocolate are two flavors that go surprisingly well together, and they definitely work in this frosting mix. Spread it on top of cookies made with almond flour, then add some festive sprinkles, and you’re good to go with a unique taste everyone will fall in love with.

Image and Recipe: FoodFanatic.com

Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

You know those cake-like cookies you can buy in the store that are always a hit? Well, they taste even better when they’re homemade. These cookies are soft and moist with a mouth-watering buttercream frosting and plenty of room to decorate with whatever sprinkles you want.

Image and Recipe: BrownEyedBaker.com

Holiday Mint Cookies

These are basically chocolate chip cookies with a twist: combine peppermint with green and red M&M’s for a Christmasy flavor that will be irresistible to everyone.

Image and Recipe: DeliciouslyYum.com

Green Frosting

OK, so this is actually just a frosting recipe, but it’s still worth knowing. You can make any of your favorite cookie recipes more seasonally appropriate simply by adding this festive frosting.

Image and Recipe: SomethingSwanky.com