How Did Cameron & Benji Meet?

Hollywood is like a small town of sorts. Everyone knows everyone, or at least everyone knows everyone by extension, or has brushed elbows at the same swanky Oscars or Grammy or Teen Choice Awards (probably not as swanky) after party at some point in time. While they probably don't knock on each other's doors when they're out of sugar or eggs (though I'm sure at least some of them bake and aren't up on their grocery inventory), they do live in close proximity to each other and, yes, probably share a "hello" at the mailbox every now and again. So, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that certain celebs take to others in the form of friendships or relationships, though it does make you curious to find out exactly how. So is the case with the reportedly newly engaged Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden — how did they meet?

Well, if you ask Nicole Richie she'll say it's all because of her... facetiously. If you've ever watched The Simple Life or Candidly Nicole, or if you've happened to catch her in an interview, you know that the petite reality star and fashion designer has a wonderfully dry sense of humor that sometimes people don't pick up on immediately (same, Nicole). She lamented this fact to Ryan Seacrest, because after she went on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen that she's "taking responsibility for everything," in the Diaz-Madden relationship, most of the general public and the media didn't get that she was very obviously joking. "Sarcasm and print don’t always go hand in hand. I'm kidding, I'm not being serious. I try not be accountable for any of my words," she told Seacrest.

But, if it wasn't Richie who set them up, then who did? Or did they just kinda do it themselves? Because, as stated, this is Hollywood and it's hard not to know people. As E! Online notes, "...If this seems like a random pairing to anyone, it turns out that they've known each other for at least a decade..." To further their point, a source explained to them that, "Cameron and Benji have actually known each other for years. When she was first dating Justin [Timberlake], around 2003 or 2004, the Madden brothers were around a lot... So it's not like Cameron and Benji just met. Rather, they've recently reconnected."

So, there ya have it. While yes it's simply a "source" claiming this info, it's not hard to believe that these two have always known each other in some capacity. Hey, good things take time, right?

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