The 11 Coziest Celebs of the Holiday Season

Even though Thanksgiving is long gone and Christmas is creeping up fast, I refuse to believe that the season of cozy is passing us by so quickly. If there is one thing I can do well, it is the fine art of #COZYGIRL, and when the holiday season is here, you will not be able to get me out of these sweat pants. There's nothing like traveling home for the holidays and snuggling up on the couch with the family, crying along to Love Actually and stuffing your face with snickerdoodles with no shame, am I right?

Well, most of our favorite celebrities spend all year dressed up to the nines, attending glamorous events, photo shoots, and all that jazz, so when the time to get cozy comes around, it looks like there are some people who do not take their winter hibernation lightly — and I do not blame them one bit. Whether it's sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa, snuggling up with their pets, or dancing around in their fuzzy onesies, celebs do cozy right.

I took it upon myself to rank the 11 coziest celebrities and decide which ones are my personal heroes by celebrating the holiday season in the most comfy way possible.

11. Zooey Deschanel

You can't really compete with cozying up to Santa Claus in a bright green Christmas sweater. Plus, she's Zooey Deschanel, so her cuteness factor is already off the charts, anyway.

10. Chrissy Teigan

One of the ultimate definitions of cozy is being able to eat incredible amounts of deliciously sinful foods in bed while surrounded by your dogs and/or hot husband, and Chrissy Teigan does a lot of that. She's also currently one of the faces of GAP's Holiday sweater campaign, and that sounds very cozy to me.

9. Karlie Kloss

How does a super model get ready for the Holidays? Spend all day baking cookies with her momma, of course!

8. Diane Kruger

Yeah, we know Diane Kruger is totally stunning and a fashionista, but this girl can get down and cozy, too. Her personal snaps on Instagram show her hanging out with her family and cats, and her most important accessory, Joshua Jackson. Nothing looks better on than being in love.

7. Lauren Conrad

Conrad's job is essentially being cozy, and her Instagram is a testament to her cozy lifestyle aesthetic. She just makes everything look so warm and fuzzy.

6. Kate Hudson

A nice mulled wine recipe during a Christmas tree trimming party will get things nice and warm verrrry quickly.

5. Hilary Duff

I love Hilary Duff, and Momma Hilary Duff is just the cutest thing on Earth. She's a gorgeous, stylish lady but she definitely has no problem with getting comfortable and spending time with her adorable son, Luca.

4. Joe Jonas

He's got the sweater, inflatable jolly snowman, wintry background, Christmas tree, and a disgruntled cat for good measure.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a lot of good things, you know, like a record-breaking female artist, but she's also a self-professed home body and she takes her home decor seriously, especially during the holidays. I mean, look at that ambience! Look at that comfortable cat!

2. Jaime King

Seems like all the time Jaime King and Taylor Swift have been spending together makes a lot of sense. Imagine all the cookie bake-offs and warm chats by the fire place these ladies have?

1. Kaley Cuoco

And my award for coziest celebrity ever is Kaley Cuoco because after the People Magazine Style Awards, she went home with her cute hubby, changed into their matching onesies, and posed in front of their TWO Christmas trees. They were also joined by their two adorable dogs. Yup, Kaley, you're winning.

Image: Diane Kruger/Instagram