17 Wreath Witherspoons That Would Impress Mindy Kaling — PHOTOS

There were plenty of memorable moments in The Mindy Project's Season 3 holiday episode, but one of the biggest hits on social media was Wreath Witherspoon. The punny decoration took Mindy Kaling's real-life friend Reese Witherspoon and beautifully scattered photos of her around a wreath. It's genius, and so many fans have recreated it on Instagram that I often get lost scrolling through.

To keep you from falling into a green-and-red hole of the internet, I've rounded up 17 renditions that almost top Lahiri's. And since the trend is Witherspoon-approved, keep calm and Wreath Witherspoon on, everyone.

Image: Beth Dubber/FOX

by Alyse Whitney


This is the perfect desk accessory.

Image: spinthesky/Instagram

Classy and Simple

That script text screams class.

Image: KatieKlenkel/Instagram

The Whole Door

Why stop at Reese? Al trees should be topped with a “Star Jones” and decorated with “Lucille Ball.”

Image: ktyroche/Instagram

Hidden Details

The little “W” letters tucked in the sides are adorable.

Image: susdotcom/Instagram

So Many Reese Faces

Can you get enough?

Image: cool_trainer/Instagram

Baller Status

This would have only been better if they were all zoomed in to her face, wrapped perfectly around each ornament.

Image: louiselikescats/Instagram

Unique Shape

It’s hip to be rectangular.

Image: mykalurbina/Instagram

Jingle Bell Clock

This can stay up year-‘round, too.

Image: broohee/Instagram

All That Glitters

Elle Woods would appreciate the subtle glittery edges.

Image: sarahccarter94/Instagram

Centerpiece Masterpiece

You could prop this up at the center of your table for Christmas dinner and it would fit right in.

Image: briznit03/Instagram

Double Trouble

Awreatha Franklin is good company.

Image: jeffreynoldsphoto/Instagram

Come Sail Away

Perfect for your yacht.

Image: doubleclik/Instagram

Minimalist Wreath

The hipster version, or maybe the classiest of them all.

Image: grundlehunter/Instagram

The One Before Mindy

Someone made this last year, long before the idea (probably) came to Kaling. Bravo!

Image: thepjc/Instagram

Wreath Witherspoon Meets Judy Garland

Judy Garland’s name really makes for the perfect deskside strand.

Image: lauren2pt0/Instagram

Mrs. Claus

Santa, baby. The expression on Witherspoon’s face makes it.

Image: vramirez91/Instagram

The Ultimate Pun

This is crafted entirely from spoons, so everyone else can just quit now.

Image: gavin.allen/Instagram