Tom + His Kid Fans = Freaking Adorable

I think it's about time we recognize the kids who love the man known as Loki in Thor and The Avengers. That's right, it's time for those adult and teen fans to step aside, because it's all about Tom Hiddleston and his kid fans. Just because some of his movies might be too mature for younger audiences doesn't mean children don't admire Hiddleston. Obviously, this means their parents are extremely smart individuals raising their children right and to believe in the wonderfulness that is Tom Hiddleston.

After spending some time researching how many children are fans of Hiddleston, I managed to stumble upon quite a few videos and photos of the man meeting them. My words don't do these moments justice — at all. If you thought Hiddleston was charming all by his lonesome self, or when he meets his grown fans, then you are so wrong. Imagine the Marvel star hugging children, talking to them sweetly, and kneeling down to take photos. These are all swoon-worthy moments — duh.

With that said, let's take some time out of our day to reflect on just a few of the best Hiddleston moments, where he just can't help but showcase his adorableness with children. Thank you, Tom. Thank you so much.

That Time He Met Kids on the Crimson Peak Set

That Time He Pretended to Hate Kids as Loki

That Time He Surprised Kids at the Movies

That Time He Posed Sweetly With Some Little Ones

That Time He Posed With ALL of These Kids... So Cute!

That Time He Played Dress-Up for the Kids

Who else can't stand the cuteness?!

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