'SNL' Parodies 'Serial' In The Christmas Spirit

It was a pretty exhausting week for Serial fans, especially because we didn't get a solid ending to the Hae Min Lee murder case. And just when you were probably coming down from that disappointment, and forgetting you still had a million questions, Saturday Night Live parodies Serial . So now, we're back to wondering if Adnan did it, and also wonder if Chris from SNL's Serial did it.

Cecily Strong took to the role of Sarah Koenig, and let me just say, if you close your eyes, you wouldn't know the difference. The voice. The timing. It was all so Sarah Koenig. The mystery that Serial tackled this time around was the strange appearance of toys showing up on Christmas morning, left by a man named Chris. Chris is a 1000-year-old man who lives in — you guessed it — the North Pole. Sarah/Cecily would call Chris — as she would — to learn about the case. Did Chris do this? And if so, how was he able to go around the world in one night?

"You're going to believe me or not, know what I'm saying?" Chris would mumble into the phone. "Yeah," Sarah would say skeptically. To Serial fans out there, there is also a sketchy "friend" character that takes over the role of Jay, this time he is an elf named Jingle.

Jingle was the prosecution's star witness on a trial for Chris on 34th St. (GET IT?) The trial in question featured a very memorable defense attorney — Idina Hernandez — whose voice might remind you of K. Gutz, especially during the "NOW JINGLE... YOU TOLD THE COPS..." audio from the "trial."

And because they weren't going to give it all away in this one episode, Sarah teased us with questions to come, and of course the Nisha call... Next time, on Serial.