Khloe Kardashian Defends Rob Kardashian Again

Despite the rumors, Khloe Kardashian didn't kick Rob Kardashian out of her house, and she's taken to Twitter to dispel the gossip. The youngest Kardashian sibling has had a rough go of things lately, and Khloe wants everyone to know she would never add homelessness to his list of things to deal with. Sites like HollywoodLife were reporting that Khloe might "be taking legal action to evict her brother" because of his "troubled" ways.

Outraged at the rumors, Khloe tweeted a long message about the situation. "One of the best things about my house is that my brother lives with me. I would never kick him out," she said. "I've begged for him to live with me. So until HE wants to leave...this is his home. #ByeHaters #StopWithTheBS."

I'm surprised such a rumor existed at all because everyone knows that Khloe and Rob are BFFs. They've had each other's backs countless times on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and they're always there for each other on social media and in their private lives also.

Now that she's cleared up this one particular rumor, let's take a look back at all the times these siblings have been there for each other. After reading the list, you'll never doubt their depth of their love again.

When Rob was Khloe's Best Friend

There's no speculation involved when it comes to how much Khloe loves her little bro.

When Khloe Defended Rob After His Weight Gain

People ripped Rob apart when he was spotted on his way to Kim's wedding. He was mercilessly fat-shamed by Twitter and tabloids alike, but Khloe stepped in to shut down the haters.

When Khloe Helped Promote Rob's Sock Line

The best kind of family is the kind that supports your career.

When Khloe Hired Rob to Work on Her House

Even though it made her nervous, she helped him out by giving him a job and he helped her out by setting up the "boom boom room." They're the best siblings.

When They Had Their Own Special Greeting

All the best siblings do.

When Rob Let Khloe Move in

After Lamar Odom and Khloe split, she couldn't stand being in her giant house alone so she moved in with Rob for a little while. Living together is one of the things they're the best at, which is why the notion that she kicked him out is so outrageous. These siblings are BFFs for life, and they're not going to let tabloid gossip stand in their way.

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