Tatu Baby Is Back in 'Ink Master: Merry Ink'

If you've seen any episodes of Ink Master whatsoever, you know who Tatu Baby is: The slightly dramatic, occasionally ridiculous tattoo artist whose talents lie in creating portrait tattoos — and anything involving a Day of the Dead-style sugar skull. Although she didn't win either of the two seasons she competed on, she definitely showed off her tattooing chops, and if she was your favorite contestant, I have good news for you. Along with former competitors Sausage, James Vaughn, and Jime Litwalk, Tatu Baby is returning for a Christmas-themed Ink Master special called Merry Ink, which airs Dec. 23. And in the meantime? She's been pretty busy.

And unsurprisingly, Tatu Baby has been super busy, you know, tattooing people. It doesn't seem like she's set up shop anywhere permanent just yet, though, although she is still located in Miami if you want her as your artist — and there are plenty of examples of her work to check out beforehand. She's been posting her favorites of the tattoos she's done recently on her Instagram account, and although I wasn't too crazy about her on Ink Master, I do like the work she's been doing recently. Seriously, guys, these are amazing.

It's actually not out of the realm of possibility to be tattooed by Tatu Baby if you're planning to be in the Miami area, either. Although price information is a little hard to track down, if you're interested in making an appointment, all you have to do is email her at the address she provides on her website. And she's currently running a special — if you book before 2015 hits, you get $100 off your undoubtedly expensive tattoo. Not too shabby, right? Especially for something that would be a really cool experience for any Ink Master fan. And, I mean, a quality tattoo is important too.

When she's not tattooing, it would appear Tatu Baby is spending time working out and hanging out with her son, according to her Instagram. And as it turns out, that son of hers is honestly the cutest baby ever. He's seven months old, and I want to pinch his cheeks. Wait, shouldn't this make her Tatu Mom and him Tatu Baby?

Now I'm wondering when and where his first tattoo will be. It's probably too early, right? Maybe he won't even like tattoos. But given that his upbringing will probably involve a lot of Dave Navarro, I have a feeling that he will.