'N SYNC Songs We Hope Lance Played at His Wedding

Remember back in the day to that particularly uncomfortable time in your life when you had butterfly clips mashed into your skull and heeled Sketchers plastered to your feet and somehow thought that outfit was going to get you a first class ticket to macking it with all the members of 'N SYNC? It's OK, we were all similarly delusional and fashion impaired. And, it wasn't like we didn't all strategically plan our lives with Lance Bass, right from the epic engagement (to be featured in their latest music video), until our retirement plans that centered around us touring the United States in a supped up RV while we video chatted the grandkids. As with most things you imagined back in 1998, those dreams quite obviously never came to fruition as Bass picked someone else to do all that with. On Saturday, Bass married his fiance, Michael Turchin, in order to define the word adorable and make the rest of us feel oh so inadequate.

Our own selfish insecurities aside, the Bass-Turchin wedding looked like the place to be by all accounts. I mean, any occasion that can reunite nearly all of the NSYNC members is a hallowed event, honestly. And, being that this was a wedding reception coupled with an NSYNC reunion here are some NSYNC songs I can only hope Bass played at his wedding:

To Elicit Just the Right Amount of Sobbing

I apologize if my tears have somehow found there way through my screen and onto yours.

P.S. God must have spent a little more time on your braids, Chris.

Because There is No Truer Tune to Signify Undying Love

Lest we forget that the stylist for this music video found JT's hair equivalent in a turtleneck sweater.


What better way to commemorate a modern Christmas wedding?

To Break It Down Once Everyone's Made a Proper Effort to Visit the Open Bar

Hike up those dresses and slacks and raise your iPhones, it's about to get freaky.

A Slow Dance For All of the Loving Celebrity Couples

Everyone gets a silk pajama set as a parting gift.

To Please the Entire Crowd

...and the world.

Ending the Night on the Highest of Notes

I can just envision all of the blow up guitar, over sized sunglasses, and plastic lei chaotic wonderment of it all.