Wanna Be Tattooed by 'Ink Master' Jason Clay Dunn?

After a fifth season that involved a lot of competitive rivals from seasons past, Ink Master has officially crowned its latest winner. If you missed the live finale, it was Jason Clay Dunn, the dude with the beard who I have affectionately nicknamed Crazy Eyes in honor of his semi-hilarious facial expressions. I'm pretty happy with the outcome — he was my favorite in Season 3, and I was glad to see him back for Season 5. And since Dunn was the winner, I'm probably not the only one who thinks so. Now it's time for the real question: After seeing so many examples of his insane talent, how do you actually get an appointment with Jason Clay Dunn?

It took minimal investigating to find out all the details, thanks to his super comprehensive (and informative) website. Although it doesn't say what the waiting list might look like — and I'm guessing it's pretty long, since, you know, he just won Ink Master and all — it's pretty simple to set up an appointment. All you have to do is e-mail him or call his assistant, Michelle, and she'll take care of it for you. Oh, and this is cool too: You can request the kind of food, drinks, and music you'd like during your tattoo session, and Dunn will have it all waiting for you. How neat is that? Few artists are that accommodating.

However, being accommodating comes with its price, and that probably means waiting a long time for your tattoo, since Dunn only takes on one client per day. Here's his policy, straight from the FAQ on his website:

Since I work in a private studio it is my #1 priority to give you the best in customer service. I tattoo one customer a day to ensure that my client is getting all of my attention and so I can focus on the project at hand. 99% of the work I do is custom so I need to take the time to design and draw out your tattoo art. Because I work this way I do get booked out a few weeks at a time. Trust that I try to get every customer taken care of in as timely a manner as possible.

As far as price goes, his rate is pretty standard: $150 per hour. For someone who won a televised competition, that's not a bad deal at all if you happen to be in his neck of the woods (Southern California) and are in need of some new ink. He does require a consultation, so you can discuss what you're interested in getting with him, but that's also pretty standard. Oh, and there's a $150 deposit, too. Worth it to be tattooed by the winner of Ink Master? I think so.