We Need a Gaga & Mariah Christmas Special

At first glance, you may think that Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey are a bit of an unlikely pair. However Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey hung out this weekend, took some selfies, solidified their odd-couple union, and indulged in some back and forth public complimenting. So at second glance, their friendship totally makes sense. They both enjoy social media exhibitionism, diamonds, vocal acrobatics, and spoiling their pets in offensive ways.

On Sunday, Gaga visited Carey backstage after her penultimate performance of her show at the Beacon Theater. As Us Weekly points out, each singer shared an insta-shot and chose one that each of them looked better in. Welp, that's just the way selfies go, ain't it? Gaga's picture was captioned: "Hey ladies, Merry F--king Christmas. Love, Mariah and Gaga. This lady is so kind, such a star, and sounding legendary tonight at Beacon Theatre." Carey was less brassy in her own caption: "Taking a selfie with the beautiful @ladygaga! Merry Christmas!!" Clearly in this friendship, Gaga is the boisterous, exuberant party girl friend who is always forcing people to take shots, and Mariah is the reserved, pragmatic buddy who divides up the check.

I'm imagining that their conversation ran down the list of the following topics: Tony Bennett, jazz, whiskey, canine spa treatment recommendations for their miserably pampered dogs, and the ending of Serial.

Gaga donned special rhinestone eyelashes for the occasion. Carey posted a selfie of taking the selfie, because tenured divas have minions take selfies for them.

I'm positive that the possibility of a televised Gaga-Carey Christmas Extravaganza probably came up in their rendezvous at least once. Indulge me while imagine what sort of spectacle that would be. First off, Gaga and Carey would start off the show in sequined red gowns.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Until Gaga rips off her dress half way through to reveal her kink-inspired underthings.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mariah would just roll with it...

The muppets would, obviously, make an appearance.

Singing a duet of "All I Want For Christmas"...

They would scat over each other like crazy.

And the performance would end with a champagne toast.

'Cause divas do everything flo$$y.

Image: Lady Gaga/Instagram; Getty Images (2); Giphy (4)