Peep Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Night Out Tips

Who's freaking out that New Year's Eve (and its copious parties) is like right around the corner? With all the current Christmas and Hanukah festivities populating the lines of your Google calendar, there is little, if any, time to decide what to wear on the big night out. Well, here's a quick hack and crash course in night out fashion! Gorgeous actress/model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared her night out style tips, along with her personal essentials and suggestions, all of which provide creative inspo for your own NYE ensemble. You're saved, so no more stressing out about the clothes that'll literally transition you from 2014 to 2015.

RH-W told Who What Wear that she, too, is confounded when dressing up to go out at night since she wants to strike a balance between fun and elegant. When hitting the dance floor, she goes with more rock 'n' roll attire. During winter, she favors dark shades, but adds pops of color with things like accessories and makeup. She also drops cash on investment pieces that lead to multiple wears. So yeah, her entire night out philosophy applies to your New Year's Eve outfit.

Basically, here's how she approaches getting dressed to go out after dark, broken down into its most basic parts.

1. Blazers and Camis or Sheer Tops

Fancy blazers are key, especially the cropped kind, since they elongate legs. Camisoles are a favorite of hers, especially vintage finds. When paired with a blazer, you won’t get cold and can easily ditch it when cutting a rug. But if you’re on the East Coast or in the Midwest, a cami is not exactly a sensible NYE outfit option on its own.

2. Leather Weather

Leather skirts are a go-to, since the material can fit a variety of night out scenarios. If you’re gonna dance, go short. If you’re doing something less active, like a dinner party, a pencil shape works. Huntington-Whiteley should be a stylist, no?

3. Safe or Sequined

The actress, model, and lady love of Jason Statham also recommends LBDs, but with details like cutouts. But she’s not afraid of sequins, either.

4. Clutch Performer

Skip the crossbody or a huge top handle bag in favor of a tiny clutch with a built-in mirror, so touchups can happen whenever (after that midnight kiss, for example). Plus, a small bag forces you to only carry what you need.

5. Climate-Dependent Shoes

Sure, she is stating the obvious when she also recommends ankle or knee-high boot when you are in a cold climate and strappy heels when in a warmer climate. You really just need to tailor the shoes to the outfit and the weather.

So if you have been having a conniption while trying to figure out WTF you are going to wear on the biggest night out of the year, and other, more ordinary nights out, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just helped solve all your style problems while offering a little inspo. Happy dressing and Happy New Year's!

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