Dance Battle: Taylor Swift vs. Harry Styles

It seems like every day, celebrities are making the internet explode with epic dances. After Taylor Swift and Beyoncé danced together to Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's "Holy Grail," her ex Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig danced to "Time of My Life" at an SNL after-party just a week later. Although both were magical and totally star-studded, it got me thinking to how these two would match up in a dance-off. We know that they moved the furniture so they could dance, thanks to "Out of the Woods," but if they were pitted head-to-head now, who would win? Clearly Swift has those awkward arm-waving moves down pat and she can shake it off better than anyone, but Styles has some pretty incredible twerking skills and is always seen dancing at concerts, in behind-the-scenes videos from tours, and in random other locations.

To decide who would reign supreme in a battle, I've narrowed it down to nine categories, ranging from biggest star dance partners to signature moves. The best way to study their shimmying and shaking is through GIFs, of course, but there are a videos thrown in there to give you a big-picture look at how awesome they both are. And in a face-off like this, everybody wins — especially us.

Exhibit A: Signature Move

Swift tends to dance with her hands, especially at award shows, while Styles busts out old-school moves like the sprinkler. Since he's more unexpected than Swift, he gets the edge in this round.

Winner: Styles

Exhibit B: Celebrity Partners

Both stars have awesome A-list friends, but when it comes to Kristen Wiig vs. Beyoncé, or Danny DeVito and Ed Sheeran vs. Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, and Lorde, Swift is the clear winner.

Winner: Swift

Exhibit C: Dancing to Other People's Songs

Although Swift dancing her heart out to "Cruise" (and every song, ever) like nobody's watching is amazing, the moves that Styles pulls off while dancing shirtless to "Talk Dirty" are just... insane.

Winner: Styles

Exhibit D: Concert Dancing

Given that Swift used to perform with a guitar for most of her music, she hasn't danced a lot in concert. Now that she has more pop sensibilities (and 1989 is totally danceable), that's changed, but Styles' twerking edges out her spinning and arm-waving.

Winner: Styles

Exhibit E: Stealing the Show

Styles may arguably be the most popular member of One Direction, but Swift steals the show wherever she goes. When she sang and danced with Jessie J at the AMAs, you would have thought she was part of the song. Ariana Grande, who?

Winner: Swift

Exhibit F: Awkward Moves

In the realm of so-bad-they're-good moves, Swift wins, hands down. I will admit that Styles has some weird ones too, but no one will beat T. Swift at being awkwardly adorable.

Winner: Swift

Exhibit G: Music Videos

Most people would have cited Swift's "Shake It Off" here since she dances in the whole thing, but let me remind me of her dorky dancing in "You Belong With Me." It's the best, and no choreographed numbers can top that. And "Shake It Off" was also super impressive.

Winner: Swift

Exhibit H: Dancing With Only Your Hands

This is something that Swift is famous for, but upon closer inspection, Styles really puts his all into it. Check out those facial expressions! He has to get it this time.

Winner: Styles

Exhibit I: Memorable Moment

Styles can be sexy, sure — and that makes me feel really weird to say since he still seems like a child — but Swift's head-banging is the winner.

Winner: Swift

The Final Verdict — Styles: 4; Swift: 5

It was a surprisingly close race, but Swift is the winner here. May she keep awkwardly dancing at award shows, because she's the best, and hopefully not write a song about me for even questioning her reign as Dancing Queen.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (15)