Jessica Simpson Has No Chill on Instagram

You know what? I really, really love Jessica Simpson, because she does not care what anyone thinks. She's one of few celebrities who has survived the tumultuous pop star days, and she ended up being the head of a billion dollar fashion empire. Who would've ever predicted that? Not only do I love Jessica Simpson, but I love Jessica Simpson's Instagram. It continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, and she was sure to give her fans a nice holiday surprise.

Over the weekend, the singer shared a few shots from a photo shoot with photographer Kristin Burns, which include Simpson posing quite interestingly (seductively?) in front a Christmas tree. One thing is for certain, Simpson knows that her legs are her most enviable assets, and she does not skimp on showing them off. Kudos to her, 'cause I surely need some gym inspiration while I eat far too many holiday sugar cookies.

Simpson recently set the Internet ablaze with a previos snap she shared of herself awkwardly sprawled across her carpet and looking like my cat after she just scarfed down her dinner. The best thing about that pic is that as strange as it looks, it is endearing because Jessica Simpson just kind of lives in her own little world and remains hot while doing so.

In fact, her Instagram has some gems of overly dramatic pics that prove she has no chill, and as humble as she may be, will let the diva inside come out.

Oh, You Know, Just Casually Posing With a Golf Club

...while wearing six inch wedges.

Showing Off Her Other Impressive Trait

A very, very long tongue that she likes to kiss her husband with. I won't blame her on that one but wowie.

There's a Fine Line Between Sexy Stare & Creepy Eyes

I don't know which one won in these cases.

And Nothing Could Ever Beat This

If Jessica Simpson wants to spread out on the carpet in her high-heeled boots, who are we to stop her?