Prince George Should Add These Toys to His List

Until now, I have not been able to imagine that there's a single downside to being Prince George. First of all, Kate Middleton is his mom, so he's already the luckiest baby on the planet based on that alone. Add in the fact that he gets to grow up in an actual palace because he's actual royalty, and I'm officially jealous. But after hearing Kate and William's plans for the holidays? Maybe I don't envy George's upbringing after all, because as it turns out, he's being ditched for Christmas.

According to People, Kate and Will will be spending most of the day with George and the rest of their family at their country home, Anmer Hall, but they're leaving him at home for the most important part of the holiday: Christmas morning. Will and Kate (and Grandma Queen of England) will be off to church, and George is being left behind in the dust. I mean, I understand. One-year-olds and church just don't mix. But I can't help but feel sad for poor George. He'll be home, opening his stocking, and Mom and Dad are nowhere to be found? That kind of sucks.

However, there is an opportunity here. George should definitely cash in on parental guilt and add some seriously pricy gifts to his list. What? It's not like his parents are on a budget.

This Diamond Pacifier

Ringing up at $17,000, this diamond-encrusted pacifier will help George resist the urge to cry in the height of fashion. It can also be personalized with colorful diamonds or the baby's name. How adorable is that? I kind of want one. Why? I have no idea.

A Seriously Fancy Stroller

How great would George look hitting London in what's called "the Rolls Royce of prams"? For $3,999, it better be. And it even looks royal.

The Most Amazing Treehouse Ever

This puts my beloved childhood swing set to shame. Although George is probably too young to fully enjoy how incredible this playhouse is, it won't be long before he's able to toddle around in his own personal cabin. At over $24k, it includes plexiglass windows, a deck, and is custom made for you when you order. Am I too old to save up for one of these now?

Baby Mercedes

Until George is more stable on his feet, he needs a way to get places fast, and this child-sized Mercedes replica will certainly do the trick. It even comes with head lights, tail lights, and turn signals, although it should if they're going to charge $9,492 for it — over half the cost of my actual, real working grown up car. Geez.

This Life-Sized Giraffe

No, but really, it's the size of an actual giraffe — and can be ridden by "children and adults up to 150 lbs." It's cheap in comparison to the rest of George's prospective toys at $751.92 from Amazon. What a bargain!

Asquith Teddy Bear

Made from mohair, Asquith teddy bears are basically the height of baby luxury. This one, priced at £275, is even named George, so obviously it's fate that the royal baby should own him.

My Busy Block

It's about that time that George has to start thinking about improving his motor skills, and I can't find a better way to do that than through using this toy — plus, it looks super entertaining. For just $100, George can do those awesome bead mazes that used to be the best way to waste time in the doctor's office waiting room anytime he wants.

Images: Personalized Pacifiers, Albee Baby, Posh Tots (2), Amazon, Asquith's, Bloomingdale's