Tired of Mariah's Xmas Classic? Listen to This

Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is definitely the gold standard when it comes to holiday pop songs — but with only a few days left until Christmas, I'm beyond tired of listening to it! Thankfully, up-and-coming pop star Bonnie McKee just released "California Winter" — a future holiday classic that offers some much-needed relief to all those who are suffering from "All I Want for Christmas Is You"–related fatigue. (I know that I can't be the only one!) The 30-year-old Grammy Award–nominated McKee has made a name for herself writing songs for big names like Katy Perry ("Teenage Dream") and Britney Spears ("Hold It Against Me"), but now, she's focusing on launching her own music career.

"California Winter" is bright, catchy, and full of hooks. It's just like one of McKee's pop hits — only with a festive holiday twist. On the track's opening verse, McKee sings:

Outside it's cold and gray

All the streets shine like silver lakes

And the stop lights are blinking red and green

Like something in a movie scene

It's snowing, it's in the air

And I'm frozen, but I don't care

'Cause I'm golden as long as I'm with you

'Cause when I'm in your arms it's like a...

The infectious chorus hits you right in the face like an explosion of glittering tinsel, fake snow, and Santa-shaped chocolates from Fannie May. It's awesome:

California winter

Yeah, your love can keep me warm

When it's storming outside

And you're holding me tight

It's like you take me to paradise

California winter

Yeah, your touch is like sunshine

And I'm on holiday

Feels like I'm in L.A.

'Cause I'm yours and I know you're mine, oh baby

I can't get enough of that sweet saxophone solo at the end! Have mercy. McKee explained on her official YouTube channel that she put together "California Winter's" adorable one-shot music video with the help of her friends. "We did 6 full takes and this was the last (with the fewest bloopers) of the day," she wrote. "BEHOLD!!! You are witnessing a Christmas miracle!! Happy Holidays everyone!!"

At the moment, it's tough to say what exactly is going on with McKee's solo career. She was supposed to release an EP this past spring, but it never materialized. Then, a new single called "S.L.A.Y." was rumored to be coming out in June, but that didn't end up happening, either. Huh. Obviously, McKee is incredibly talented, so I hope that she'll be able to "find her footing," so to speak, and release more new music very soon.

Image: bonniemckee/SoundCloud