Remember Destiny's Child's "8 Days of Christmas"?

In 2001, Destiny’s Child gave the world the Christmas gift that would keep on giving for years to come: the great holiday album that is 8 Days of Christmas. (If you disagree with my assessment of the album, I ask that you go listen to “Opera of the Bells” and get back to me. I’ll wait.) But that wasn’t the only present Destiny’s Child left under the tree that year; the R&B group shot a music video for their original song “8 Days of Christmas.”

In the music video, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams take over a toy store. There are Beanie Babies and bubbles everywhere. And yes, the video is as terrific as it sounds.

Rather than nab some choice screengrabs and share my own reactions, I thought it might be neat to talk to the actual toy store. So, I reached out. Not only is the toy store still around, but it was happy to provide commentary. Before we began, the toy store informed me it hadn't watched the video in almost a decade. The toy store was excited to take a trip down memory lane.

Without further ado, I present you with the "8 Days of Christmas" toy store's music video commentary:

“Not a single patron in the shop. I always appreciate these moments of calm.”

"Oh, wait. False alarm. Customers! FAMOUS customers!"

“I remember admiring Kelly's Santa costume. So stylish.”

“And I remember admiring all three of the coordinating Santa costumes. So very Destiny's Child!”

“I hoped they noticed our fine collection of Beanie Babies. Our store's unofficial motto: 'Beanie Babies as far as the eye can see!'"

“I freaked out when Michelle flipped the sign around. We had a sales goal to meet! How would potential customers know we were still open for business?!"

“What on earth did my coworker ring up that cost $5,200.46?”

“My coworkers looked nervous for some reason. I assume it had something to do with the $5,200.46 transaction.”

“I hope Destiny’s Child noticed our fine collection of Destiny’s Child dolls.”

“How'd they know the store wasn't actually closed? THE SIGN WAS FLIPPED!”

“Kelly sure did fill up that cart fast."

“Wait, where’d Bey’s beau come from?"

“Oh, I’m so glad Michelle found the bubbles. No one ever plays with the bubbles.”

“Like, we put the bubbles out for a reason.”

“Wait, where’d Michelle’s beau come from? AND HOLY ENORMOUS RING, BATMAN!"

“You know what I’ll never understand? Why people jump when the Jack-in-the-Box pops open. It pops open at the same part of the song every single time. It shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

“I’m so glad Kelly didn’t drop this. We have a very strict 'break it, buy it' policy.”

“That merry-go-round plays the same five songs all day long. And it's been there for decades. It drives me nuts.”

“These rings are like the IRL version of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood rings, amirite?!”

“Wait, where'd Kelly's beau come from? I never figured it out. I'm pretty sure all three beaus apparated there."

"Does Kelly like this toy or hate this toy? I can't get a read."

"Hello there, large group of children."

"I remember wishing someone would let the kids know the store wasn't actually closed."

"Their congregating in front of the door like that caused me a great deal of anxiety. I'm pretty sure it's a fire hazard."

"Relief washed over me when Michelle finally let the kids in."

"And a tidal wave of children washed over the store when Michelle finally let the kids in."

"You know what? I think this was the last time anyone played with bubbles in the store. For shame. Like I said, we set them out for a reason."

"Destiny's Child closed down my store so they could host a gift exchange? Not mad about it."

"So much Ty happening."

"Like, our Beanie Baby game was on point in '01."

"Oops, I forgot to warn the kids about the vicious, flesh-eating stuffed animals."

"One of my coworkers printed out this still and hung it up in the break room."

Any time spent watching this video is quality T-I-M-E, indeed:

Images: Destiny's Child YouTube Channel/YouTube (32)