Miley Dressed as an Elf & It's Kind of Disturbing

What's the first thing you picture when you think of elves? The warm, joyous holidays? Those sweet assistants of Santa Claus helping the big man get ready for Christmas? Hermey from Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Yeah, me too. Well, you might be picturing elves differently thanks to some new photos. Recently, Miley Cyrus wore an elf costume and shared some interesting, to say the least, photos in her holiday garb.

Thanks to Instagram, Cyrus shared all kinds of "eflies" during what seemed to be a holiday party. Her elf interpretation is somewhat disturbing. Not only does she pose with a gun, on a car, and on a piece of pizza as an elf (for real), but she also turns the idea of an elf into something that's really uncomfortable.

We all know Cyrus isn't afraid to hide how she feels or let it all hang out there for everyone to see. Well, the same goes here with these photos. Now, I'm not saying she shouldn't have dressed up, because the holidays are all about having fun and embracing your imagination. However, you can't tell me that these photo won't make you look at elves in a whole new light.

Here's Her "Elfie Selfie"

Her "Turnt Up Eflie"

Her Gun-Toting Elfie

Her Juiced-Up Elfie

Her Auto Elfie

Her Out of This World Elfie

Her Sweet-Looking Elfie

Her Cash Money Elfie

And Her Pizza Surfing Elfie

Bet you ever thought you'd see an elf quite like this. Happy holidays!