It's Thor Vs. Whale In 'Heart Of the Sea'

It makes sense to stick Thor star Chris Hemsworth on a boat in 19th Century garb. It just feels right, somehow — something about those flowing shirts. Too bad there's a giant demon whale after Hemsworth and everyone else on his boat in The Heart Of the Sea . If the second trailer — or the true story it's based on — is any indication this whale is not any kind of mellow.

One of my first fears came out of that scene in Pinnochio where Geppetto and Pinnochio are eaten by a whale, so there's a part of me that wonders if seeing this movie is a good idea in my new, mature, whale-accepting mentality. But this does seem the kind of movie Hemsworth fans might enjoy, if only because it fits pretty seamlessly into the fact that his career so far seems to mainly be a tour of vaguely different modes of macho masculinity. From Thor, to Rush, to the scene in this trailer where someone points a gun at his face and dares him to say he's afraid and he's all "AM NOT."

Seems kinda like he should be afraid, though, considering [spoiler alert] things don't exactly go well for anyone on that boat, and "tragedy" is literally in its source material's subtitle. Things get a little, shall we say, Lord Of the Flies.

Image: Warner Bros