Did Charlie Tucker Just Get Fired?!

Merry Christmas, Charlie Tucker! Even if this show doesn't do the whole holiday episode thing, each character on this show sure could use a stiff glass of egg nog. Everyone was having a hard day at work on State of Affairs in this week's episode "The Masquerade." Last week in the promos, this episode was promised to be the one that changed everything. Charlie Tucker just got fired on State of Affairs . I know, right?! GASP!!! THE DAY OF RECKONING!!!

Actually, you may wanna hold your gasping until the next episode. Because if we know anything about this show, it likes to throw in shocking plot twists and renege on them mere minutes later... But shall we get into it?

The terrorist supergroup Al Rissalah is about to launch a catastrophic attack, the likes of which this world has never seen. After finding out about her connection to Nick, President Clayton is on the precipice of firing Charlie. Charlie knows her boss is mad at her. It's awkward, making this the perfect time for an office field trip to Qatar. ADVENTURE! As their motorcade approaches the embassy, a menacing moped man (i mean, what men on mopeds aren't menacing) charges the gate, skidding to the pavement and bursting into flames. Claiming to be an undercover CIA operative, this dude claims that Qatar is selling American weapons to Al Rissalah. BUT THEN, we find out that the whole thing was a clever ruse to blow President Clayton's deal with the Qatarese prime minister. WOAH NELLY!

Meanwhile, Nick is being tortured somewhere by a guy in an exceedingly spOoOoOoOoOoky mask. He wields a blowtorch, something that should ideally be used to caramelize the sugar on top of creme brûlée. Instead, I have a feeling it's gonna be braising a part of Nick's body with plenty of capillaries unless he spills about Charlie Tucker.

Meanwhile, Charlie Tucker doesn't have a job... I was almost genuinely surprised when President Clayton layed her out for being negligent (as bosses are wont to do) and dismissed her. I didn't think that was coming for at least a few episodes. But she did it today... TODAY!! What outlet will Charlie have for her task-orientedness?! I see her watching TONS of Sandra Lee: Semi-Homemade reruns and getting into making tables capes.

But the grand question is: will she stay fired?? My best guess is nah.

As an aside, I learned how to correctly pronounce Qatar this week. Cutter is how you say it? HUH! The things you learn from television...

Image: NBC