Lisa Gives Katie Advice on 'Vanderpump'

Oh my god. Y’all. Y’ALL. Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was such a gift. Scratch that: It was one big gift comprised of many smaller gifts. It was as if the Power Rangers Megazord was made up of glorious reality TV moments. A few of the giftiest scenes from the hour: Scheana and James work on twerking anthem “Shake That”; Scheana shows Tom Sandoval how to remove nail polish; Jax and Vail chat about sinus issues; James, Tom Sandoval, and Kristen scream at each other while on the clock; and Katie has a heart-to-heart with Lisa Vanderpump about Tom Schwartz.

Ugh, what I would give to have my very own heart-to-heart with Lisa Vanderpump!

Inspired by the heart-to-heart, Katie and Tom Schwartz visit a couple’s therapist. I wasn't in the room with them, but from where I'm sitting (that would be my armchair psychologist armchair, thank you kindly), the therapy session seems to be a very positive, productive, and relatively painless experience. No one sobs, no one yells, no one loses their composure. It is a pretty ideal situation for For confrontation-phobes like Tom Schwartz and me.

Post-sesh, Tom Schwartz and Katie seem to be in a good place. They're ready to work on their relationship, and they're ready to work together. Everything is going to be a-OK!

...OR IS IT?

In a talking head, Stassi says she suspects Jax's account about Tom Schwartz cheating on Katie isn't bogus. Stassi thinks Tom Schwartz totally slept with someone else while he was in Las Vegas. Uh oh.

Hold up. Stassi thinks Jax's story about the Vegas hookup is true?

Stassi Schroeder believes Jax Taylor?!?!?!?! Well, I'll be. Who thought we'd ever see the day in this post-Season 2 world?


Welp, I guess I'm in a bit of a catch-22; Either I doubt the undeniable Stassi's instincts, or I change my mind about something I'd written off as one of Jax's many piles of B.S.

Hnnnnnnnnnngh. THE SAGA CONTINUES.

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; bricesander/tumblr