Yep, I Want to Spend Christmas With Blake

Everyone has traditions for the holidays, and guess what, that also includes this former Gossip Girl. In a recent chat with Gucci, Blake Lively shared her Christmas traditions, and, yes, you will now and forever want to spend every joyous season with Lively and her family. Seriously, if you didn't want to before, you will after listening to Lively warmly chat about her family, traditions, and Christmas. Just some warning: you might want to set aside some time from your own family to spend it with Lively and Ryan Reynolds and their baby (duh) — of course, only if they will have you, which I'm sure they will. The more the merrier during the holidays, right?

I always got the feeling that Lively is a family-oriented person, and she confirmed that in this interview. She says,

It’s really just about being with family. So we never leave the house, whether we’re making ginger bread houses, or baking cookies, or sitting around watching movies… Everyone gets in the same bed somehow we just spend seven hours a day all together just chatting… It’s really nice to have that time.

How many people are wishing they could hang out in bed with Lively eating cookies and watching movies? If that isn't enough, Lively goes on to talk about her favorite Christmas smell (spruce), which family member makes the best cookies (her dad), and her favorite holiday films (Holiday Inn and It's a Wonderful Life). Most importantly, she says the best gift to give is one that keeps on giving — volunteering and donating to those in need, for instance, at a homeless shelter.

If you prefer to spend Christmas with your own family (which I totally understand), then let Lively inspire you to really embrace the holiday for its importance: being with your loved ones and giving back to others. That is what the holidays are really about.