The Festivus Airing of Grievances on Twitter Rule

On December 18, 1997 the world was forever changed, for on that day Frank Costanza brought the holiday of Festivus unto us all. The fictional celebration turned cult obsession has become to many a Seinfeld fan, a real holiday. On December 23, family, friends, and loved ones gather around the Festivus pole (which is never decorated) and air grievances, compete in the feats of strength, and embrace their roots. In fact, Festivus has become so popular that when you Google "Festivus," an aluminum pole appears in your browser and Tumblr has a Seinfeld-ified logo. Not only is Dec. 23 a day for all Frank Costanza followers to celebrate their almighty on high, it's a day for those who are really over Christmas to gather and blow off some steam. It's truly a blessed day.

George Costanza himself, Jason Alexander and oodles of other celebs, athletes, and politicians have taken to Twitter to celebrate and remember this most important holiday. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has used today to air his grievances about Washington and politics. Yep, it has gotten that serious, folks. What's most impressive about Festivus is that it gathered a following before the age of social media. Now with Twitter and Facebook and everything in between, Festivus is unstoppable... I can't help but wonder if Frank Costanza would be disappointed by that. Take a look:

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Image: NBC