Celebs React to 'The Interview's Release

Following the Sony hack, numerous violent threats, and a cancellation of its Christmas release, the unexpectedly controversial comedy The Interview has become the most talked about film of the year. So naturally, Twitter lit up with the announcement that The Interview will be released to limited theaters on Christmas day. Nobody was more pleased than Seth Rogen who reacted to the The Interview being released on social media. And a bunch of other famous people were excited too.

Despite terrorist threats from a group that calls themselves The Guardians of Peace, Sony announced on Tuesday that The Interview will be shown in a limited number of theaters on Christmas Day, and will be released On Demand. The filmmakers will also host a table read of the film's screenplay in New York two days after Christmas.

While story is still developing, The Interview team announced their enthusiasm on social media. Seth Rogen was bouncing off the walls and feeling exceptionally patriotic. Evan Goldberg, who wrote the movie, was equally enthused with the ultimate victory. James Franco made a fun reference to Obama pulling an Adele Dazeem on his name. Ed Helms came out with some words of support for his comedian contemporaries. Even Salman Rushdie had something to say about it. SALMAN RUSHDIE WATCHES MOVIES, GUYS!!!

Read what everyone had to say below.